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You accidentally touch a hot stove. In a millisecond, you jerk your hand away. What just happened?You have pain receptors throughout your body, both outside and within. These receptors send electrical messages through your spinal cord to the brain. You only become aware of pain after your brain receives and interprets these electrical messages. In some cases, such as when you touch a hot stove, the body can spring into defensive action even before the brain knows what is happening. That's because pain messages that reach the spinal cord can cause an automatic reflex response, making muscles near the source of the pain contract to get away from the pain.Pain receptors and nerve pathways differ throughout the body. Therefore, the sensation of pain differs, too, depending on where the message comes from and how it travels. At times, the source of pain is difficult to locate. For example, some people feel the pain from a heart attack in the neck or jaw. People also differ in their ability to tolerate pain and how they respond to pain medication.Prevention Trying to prevent pain before it happens can be dangerous. Acute pain is an important message that is essential to survival. Some people are born with a rare disorder (congenital analgesia) and do not feel pain. They live in great danger because they miss warning signals that could mean life or death.Once the cause of pain is diagnosed, it may be possible to prevent the pain from coming back. For instance, a person diagnosed with a stomach ulcer can take medications to heal the ulcer and prevent continuation of the pain.Treatment Your doctor probably will treat your pain while he or she tries to figure out the cause. Many drugs are helpful, though how well they work depends on the patient and the nature of pain.Analgesics (painkillers) are the most common pain remedy. Acetaminophen (Tylenol and other brand names) interferes with pain messages. Aspirin and ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin and others) work in two ways: 1) by interfering with pain messages, and 2) by reducing inflammation, swelling and irritation that can make pain worse.Narcotic pain relievers, such as morphine and codeine, are the most powerful pain treatments. These usually are reserved for the most intense pain. They can cause serious side effects, can be addictive and often cause constipation.Other drugs such as anesthetics, antidepressants, anticonvulsants and corticosteroids may work against certain types of pain.Sometimes medications are injected directly into the region of pain or near a nerve to interrupt the pain signal. Non-drug treatments for pain include:
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), which uses electrical impulses to stimulate the nerve endings at or near the site of pain Non-drug treatments may be especially useful for people with chronic pain. In some cases, these treatments may stimulate natural painkillers, called endorphins, which are created within the body. In other cases, non-drug treatments work directly on nerves to interfere with pain messages. Sometimes, it isn't clear why the pain stops.What is sertraline?Sertraline is an antidepressant in a group of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Sertraline affects chemicals in the brain that may become unbalanced and cause depression, panic, anxiety, or obsessive-compulsive symptoms.Sertraline is used to treat depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).Sertraline
may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.Important informationYou should not use sertraline if you also take pimozide, or if you are being treated with methylene blue injection. Do not use sertraline if you have taken an MAO inhibitor in the past 14 days. A dangerous drug interaction could occur. MAO inhibitors include isocarboxazid, linezolid, phenelzine, rasagiline, selegiline, and tranylcypromine.Some young people have thoughts about suicide when first taking an antidepressant. Your doctor will need to check your progress at regular visits while you are using sertraline. Your family or other caregivers should also be alert to changes in your mood or symptoms.Report any new or worsening symptoms to your doctor, such as: mood or behavior changes, anxiety, panic attacks, trouble sleeping, or if you feel impulsive, irritable, agitated, hostile, aggressive, restless, hyperactive (mentally or physically), more depressed, or have thoughts about suicide or hurting yourself.Do not give sertraline to anyone younger than 18 years old without the advice of a doctor. Sertraline is FDA-approved for children with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). It is not approved for treating depression in children.Before taking this medicine You should not use sertraline if you are allergic to it, if you also take pimozide, or if you are being treated with methylene blue injection.Do not use sertraline if you have taken an MAO inhibitor in the past 14 days. A dangerous drug interaction could occur. MAO inhibitors include isocarboxazid, linezolid, phenelzine, rasagiline, selegiline, and tranylcypromine. After you stop taking this medicine, you must wait at least 14 days before you start taking an MAOI.
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